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About the Aussie Bread Man

Aussie Bread Man Sold Out

Sold Out

G’day, my name is Eric Drabwell and I am an Australian living in Louisiana USA. Around the Farmers’ Markets they know me as “The Aussie Bread Man”.

How I became the Bread Man

We first went to market in Natchitoches, Louisiana in about 2002 at the Cane River Green Market. After trialing many different ideas and products we soon discovered that our bread was popular. I guess the thing that people liked was that we did something different.

As a bread man I am entirely self taught and have had lots of fun over the years developing new recipes and learning new baking techniques.

I became known for having great products such as Jalapeno Cheese Bread, Bacon and Cheddar, Herb and Garlic and Cajun Spice.

We also expanded into some awesome cookies that sold really well. Crazy cookies like Choc Chip Chipotle, and Ginger Snap with Cayenne Pepper. WOW.  Absolutely unique. No one else was making these type of cookies there.

Here we are now about years down the road and selling literally everything we make every week. I would love to be able to make more but there are only so many hours in the day. So the next expansion for our business is to publish an eBook.

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Hooroo (That’s Aussie for Goodbye)
Eric Drabwell

If you are interested in takng your baked goods to a Farmers Market or just interested in Farmers Markets in general then please visit my new site

2 Responses to About the Aussie Bread Man

  1. Gregg josey

    hi Eric
    I just wondering if you are the same Eric that I went to college with in Armidale

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