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Bread Making Resources

Making bread is really very easy. Home bread is such a satisfying thing to do at home. If you get it right then you will win fans for life. Friends, family and even the neighbors will love the smell and flavor of your home made bread baking.

Most homes have all the right tools necessary to make home made bread. I mean it really isn’t rocket science…. is it?

Well it actually is science. You have all sorts of chemical reactions going on and you need to get everything right to be successful. So…. you need the right recipes and the right resources.

The first resource I am going to offer up is this one. Its a book I wrote a few years back. Many of my customers at the Shreveport Farmers market would ask for my recipes. I held off for years until finally giving in.

The recipes in my book are the same as on the website. So I am giving them to you for free. However you can buy them all in one place to have on your tablet or iPod.

My book is available in a couple of places:

eBook Baked from Scratch for just $9.99 at Barnes and Noble or at iTunes for Apple iPad (Click here and then search for Baked from Scratch)
Now this book has all the same recipes that I give you here for FREE, but it would be nice if you bought it to help me out. 🙂
If you want all the recipes and don’t want to pay then join up to my email list. You will get the bread recipes and stories and also cookie recipes. I send them one per week. But, I will ALSO now give them to you as a FREE copy of the book. I have split it into 2 halves. FIrst you get the bread book and then you get the Cookies book. WOW. My way of saying thanks in advance for hanging around.

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