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Baking tips and tricks.

This evening Lauren helped me out by typing out a list of Baking tips and tricks. She did an awesome job! Thanks girl! The 2 Pages of Tips and Tricks are at Bread and Pie Tips Cakes and Cookie Tips

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Facebook Page

My Baked Goods Facebook Page is where I will often upload pictures of loaves and dough. Today I uploaded the loaves that we have made this week. My daughters love to help and offer suggestions about how we can make the loaves “pretty”. Personally I like the loaves to look pretty but primarily I like … Continue reading »

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Baked from Scratch Cookie Book is Complete

The Baked From Scratch Cookie edition is now available. Subscribe to my email list and you will receive the Bread Edition first and then a couple of weeks later you will receive the link for the Download of the Cookie Edition. Win win for you! Enjoy the Cookies and the Bread. Eric

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Second mistake for the week.

Today I was told by a reader that there was no HONEY in the Honey Oat recipe! LOL After all this time and all the times that I read and re-read the Baked from Scratch – Bread book we find a missing ingredient. Thanks to Linda for pointing it out via Jim! Awesome! If anyone … Continue reading »

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eBook Gift and Contact page

Well today has been an exciting day in many ways. (Some people say it doesn’t take much to get you excited Eric!) Firstly, I got the eBook Baked from Scratch – Bread integrated into the email subscription as the free Gift for subscribing. I hope that it helps to encourage people to join our list … Continue reading »

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Subscribe for Bread making recipe emails

If you would like to receive one of my bread making recipes in your email inbox every week then subscribe to the list on the right side of this page. Just put in your name and email and I will send you an email with bread making tips every week with a recipe. As well … Continue reading »

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Bread making videos

My wife is determined that I should make some videos about Bread Making. So I will. I am in pre-production right now to film a bread making video series. I am now sorting out all of the logistics of inviting a camera into my kitchen. LOL Of course the bread making is the easy part … Continue reading »

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Farmers Market Baked Goods

Friday night and you should be planning your trip to buy some farmers market baked goods. There is no better place than a farmers market to buy some great home baked breads and cookies, cakes and pies and other such great food! I really think that apart from the farm produce at the farmers market … Continue reading »

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Bread Decorations

Styles of Bread I like the loaves of bread that I make to look good as well as taste good. I experimented and read lots to find the styles that you see on this page. I found that on the breads based on a white bread I could put an egg wash brushed on to … Continue reading »

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The Aussie Bread Man makes homemade bread

Welcome to My site dedicated to helping you make homemade bread that tastes great. I will post recipes and ideas to make homemade bread an important part of your daily diet. Bread should never be a boring part of the meal. I can show you how to make homemade bread that is the highlight … Continue reading »

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