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Bacon and Cheese Bread Braid – Video

Bacon and Cheese Bread A how to video by the Aussie Bread Man. Here is the recipe for Bacon and Cheddar Bread. Short version of the Bacon and Cheddar Loaf Long version of the video. This has more details about the baking process Notes: 375F is 190C

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Bread making videos

My wife is determined that I should make some videos about Bread Making. So I will. I am in pre-production right now to film a bread making video series. I am now sorting out all of the logistics of inviting a camera into my kitchen. LOL Of course the bread making is the easy part … Continue reading »

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Bacon and Cheese Bread

Bacon and Cheese Bread Bacon and Cheddar bread is the first variety that I ever made for the markets. How it came into being goes something like this: Years and years ago in Australia my best friend and I used to go to our local club on a Friday and Saturday night. After having a good … Continue reading »

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