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Bread and Pie Tips

Bread and Pie Tips

  • Place a folded, damp towel under the bowl and it won’t slip and slide while mixing.
  • When fresh fruit is handy, but you don’t have time to bake, just mix the filling as you normally would for pie. Line a pie pan with several layers of foil and place filling in the pan. Wrap and freeze. When you’re ready with a pie crust the filling can be placed in the crust and baked. After filling is frozen solid it can be taken out of the pan so you will be able to use the pan and the fillings will stack neater in the freezer.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon teaspoon of sugar to the yeast when stirring it into the water to dissolve. If it foams and bubbles in ten minutes you know the yeast is alive and active.
  • Dough can rise with no problem even in a cold kitchen if the bowl is placed on a heating pad set on medium.
  • If the oven is turned off just when the meringue is brown, and the door is left slightly open, the pie cools slowly and prevents the meringue from splitting.
  • Your bread will be crusty if the top and sides are brushed with an egg  that has been beaten with one tablespoon of water.
  • A super-fast ‘company’ pie can be made by using a prepared crust. Add one box of instant pudding mix to prepared whipped topping. Mix well and fill crust. Reserve enough whipped topping to cover pie. Any flavor pudding mix can be used.
  • Try substituting ground nuts in a one crust pie. Press pie shell just like you would with a graham cracker crust.
  • Use water that has been used to boil potatoes to make bread dough moister.
  • If a dull-finish aluminum loaf pan is used it will brown the sides of the bread better.
  • Brushing frozen pies with melted butter before baking can eliminate dryness.
  • Let baked bread cool on a wire rack so the bottom won’t be soggy.
  • Dough won’t stick to your hands if it is kneaded inside a large plastic bag.
  • To get a dull finish on a new pan it can be baked empty in a 350° oven.
  • If the television is in use, it makes a nice warm spot for dough to rise.
  • To thaw, frozen bread loaves, place in a clean brown paper and put in 325° oven for 5-6 minutes to thaw completely. For thawing rolls allow several more minutes.

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